About Our Remapping

South N Loud Remaps ECU Remap Types:

Our Economy Remaps Are Developed With The Aim To Achieve The Highest MPG! Our Economy Remap Will Have An Impact On Increasing Fuel Efficiency, As Well As Gains In BHP and Torque!

Our Power Remaps Are Developed With The Aim To Achieve The Best BHP and Torque That Your Vehicle Can Handle, Resulting In A Powerful and Reliable Performance!

EGR and DPF Deletes Can Be Done To All ECUs! The Physical Removal Of The DPF and Delete Of The EGR Requires The Correct Software Adaptations In Order For The Vehicle To Run Smoothly!

Remapping A Vehicles ECU

The most common question when remapping is 'What is remapping?' and 'How does it work?' To answer these question first you need to understand what an ECU is and how it functions! An ECU or Electronic Computer Unit is described as the brains of a vehicles manufactured after 1997. The computer processor will analyse the car current state through various sensors as well as what the driver is commanding the vehicle to do. From this information it will find a balance between Economy, Performance, and Emission Control, delivering engine power and torque accordingly. This means that the vehicle is programmed to only create a specific amount of power, torque, and emissions at any one time. This programming is known as the vehicles 'Map'.

With specialist tools, equipment, and software, we have the opportunity to change the vehicles 'Map', which is what's known as a 'Remap'. By doing this the engine is tuned more efficiently which results in gains in power and torque, as well as economy gains, with overall improvements to the performance.

How Does Remapping Work?

So now you're wondering how this works and why don't manufacturers tune vehicles to be efficient from factory! Well in fact they do. A good example is this Volkswagen Transported T5.1, where the same 2.0 TDI engine is offered on 4 different performance platforms: 83BHP, 102BHP, 114BHP, 140BHP. The only difference between these models mechanically is the ECU mapping, however because of the difference in power it allows dealerships to charge huge amounts of differences in price tags. As seen here the Volkswagen Transporter T5.1 can all achieve 175 BHP safely.

As well as this, when developing a vehicle the manufacturer will produce a map that is capable of performing universally in all environments and climates of which that vehicle will be sold in. For example VW sell world wide so they will develop a 'one size fits all' map to cater for the various humidity's, temperatures, and emission laws. This gives us the opportunity to fine tune the vehicle to be more efficient, in line with the UKs climate and ensure it reaches its full potential.

Benefits Of An ECU Remap

The overall benefit of Remapping is unlocking the full potential of a vehicle from the restrictions placed within the ECU by manufactures. The improvements are not just power and torque, but also a sharper throttle response and a wider power band. The overall outcome is a more linear power delivery, making the vehicle more lively and a pleasure to drive.

After an ECU Remap, you can enjoy:

Increased Horsepower - Increased Torque - Smoother Power Delivery

Improved Fuel Economy - DPF & EGR Solutions - Safer Overtaking

For more information on how you can benefit or to try out our 14-day money back guarantee contact us.