Economy Remap

Biggest MPG Gain Possible - Ultimate Efficiency - Economy Remapping

South N Loud Remaps Economy Remapping - Do you cover a lot of miles and want save some money when using the pump? Use our Economy Remap as a solution! Developed with the key objective of achieving the best fuel efficiency from your vehicle, after an Economy Remap you will enjoy a MPG gain. However, by fine tuning the engine you will feel a difference in Power and Torque as well as a sharper response and smoother power delivery. Economy Remaps work best with Turbo-Diesel vehicles, however smaller gains are possible from other engines with adaptations to the driving style to suit power gains.

In line with our 14-day money back guarantee, we never over estimate on fuel savings!

Fuel savings vary between vehicles but most Turbo-Diesel vehicles can expect a 10-15% Fuel Improvement with our Economy Remap.