Other Services

Speed Limiter Removal

We offer Speed Limiter Services. Whether you need a speed limiter removes or applied, we will be happy to help. Some speed limiters are applied within the mapping of the ECU, and therefore can be modified via flashing the ECU, whilst other may require dealer specific tools in order to apply or remove. Contact us for more information regarding a speed limiter on your vehicle.


Technological advancements in the motoring industry has made vehicle diagnostics an essential tool for proper vehicle assessment. As a result, we invest our time in diagnostic procedures. We take care to learn and understand the tools in which we use, in order to use them to their full potential. All vehicles we meet will have a diagnostic check (free of charge) before any further work is conducted.

AD Blue Solutions

AD Blue is installed on some vehicles in order to reduce NOx emissions. It turns harmful NOx into Hydrogen and Steam which reduces the damage vehicles cause to the environment. AD Blue is not necessary for the engine to operate, it is not a fuel not an additive and had no performance properties. However, some ECUs will prevent the engine from running if the AD Blue tank runs empty. Therefore it becomes slightly more of an annoyance than anything. If you require and AD Blue delete or solution please don't hesitate to contact us.