Power Remap

Highest Power And Torque - Ultimate Performance

South N Loud Remaps ECU Power Map - Are you interested in getting the best BHP and Torque possible for your vehicle? Then a Power Map is best for you! This Map is available for both petrol and diesel vehicles, our Performance Remaps are developed with ultimate performance and driving experience in mind. A Power Remap will unlock the full potential of your vehicle but remain safely within the limits of what stock components can handle.

Stage 1 Power Remap - Designed for a completely stock vehicle with no modifications. Our Stage 1 Power Remap will increase BHP and Torque, but leave economy the same.

Stage 2 Power Remap - Here modifications can be incorporated to achieve more power. Contact us for further detail.

Stage 3 Power Remap - For vehicles with vast hardware performance upgrades which requires live mapping on the rolling road.